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Strups messingring, liten strl med pynt

Vi pynter gjerne ringen din! Kommenter gjerne på bestillingen hvilke farger du ønsker deg! 16 cm i diameter. 





Strups specializes in contemporary interior accessories and exclusive handcrafted homeware products. 

The owner and designer, Camilla Bjerre, is originally graphical designer, and her love for the simple graphical expression and her playful humorous mind is reflected in all the Strups products. 

The passion for high quality materials and the habit of experimental co-creation with the producers adds to the beauty, the feel and the durability of the products. Homeware classics should always age with beauty and last a lifetime. 

Each product in the Strups range has its own unique story, and is designed with the purpose of evoking emotions such as happiness, kindness, thoughtfulness and appreciation – and maybe even shape actions.

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